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Across from Hot Topic

Inside The Mall at Sierra Vista


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Safety, Rules & Waivers

Birthday Parties

All birthday parties must be booked and paid in advanced. We do not offer walk-in parties at this time. No food from outside the mall is allowed unless you have booked a birthday party. 

Beginning June 1st 2020, all parties will be private. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Reserve To Play

We are now booking general admission for Jump N Play online. Online booking will help us adhere to new guidelines. Please select your play times here: 

When your reservation is approved, you will receive confirmation and a link to our online waiver system.

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Birthday Parties!

Bring your own food, drinks, utensils, and decorations for party fun!

Parties include:

  • Entry for guest to the play space
  • Parties are 2 Hours unless additional time is requested.
  • Private Parties include 2 tables for food, 1 table for gifts, and tables and chairs to accommodate up to 40 guests.
  • Dedicated Party Attendant to help set up, greet guests, and clean up after the party
  • Access to the Jump N Play Inflatable room for the length of the party

Private Parties allows only party attendees access to the facility. Public access is denied during length of the party.

Note: We used to have a private room attached for parties that is no longer available. So all parties will be in the main room. We ask that all party reservations be made at least a 7 days in advance.


Up To 8 Kids

2 Hour Party

Each additional hour is $85.


Up To 16 Kids

2 Hour Party

Each additional hour is $99.

How does this compare to renting an inflatable at my home or at the park? Or other party places?

Inflatable Rental Cost

1 Obstacle Course ($210-$449 to rent from competitors at your home/park)

1 Double Slide ($200-$329 to rent from competitors at your home/ park)

2 Combos$160-$200 each to rent from competitors at your home/ park)

For all inflatables outdoors for a 2 hour party the cost would be $365-$589 plus tax or the minimum four hours for outdoor rentals of $730-$1178 from competitors at your home/park)

Peter Piper

8 Guests $80-$96/ 24 Guests $240-$289 vs Jump N Play with unlimited play at no additional cost and bring in your own yummy food!

Lights Out

8 Guests $79/ 24 Guests $237 includes paying per adult and child vs Jump N Play only charges by child group size/ per child. Adults are free!


We are located in a public mall with an abundance of parking

These comparisons are here to show that we offer competitive and comparable pricing to other local businesses.